Boise High’s Haunting: Is It All a Hoax?

"She would never forget that night."


Photo Credit: Mia Trebbi

Mia trebbi in The Quad

Torey Tapp, Social Media Editor

When you think of most scary stories, what settings come to mind? A haunted cornfield, an asylum, cabin in the woods, or a prison? Your own High School probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. One student in particular, has a very different opinion on the issue.

A Saturday Night last fall, BHS senior, Mia Trebbi’s leadership class had the fun idea to have a sleepover at school. 

As the night was winding down everyone began to fall asleep; except Mia, she had consumed an energy drink earlier that night and wasn’t planning on sleeping anytime soon.

Once everyone was asleep she saw an opportunity. Mia calmly snuck out of the leadership room and crept slyly down the hallways of Boise High.

She was making her way to the basement when she realized she was all on her own. She had never felt this kind of loneliness in the halls of Boise before. Mia made a stop in the basement of the main building for a bathroom break when something unexplainable happened.

Before Mia started to head upstairs, she claims to have heard the creeking of the stall door….opening! Mia immediately ran back towards her safe classroom.

She also added that on her way up she heard “whispers”. The sounds of people quietly talking to her. There was a feeling of uncomfort, almost like she                   “wasn’t alone.”

Since the incident, Mia has started to recover from the traumatic events that happened that night. The recovery is important, but she would never forget that night.