The Greatest App of All Time

Drew Beckett, Reporter

Yubo is the revolutionary app connecting children and teens to prospective friendships, not only by their city or state, but by connecting people across countries and continents with approximately twenty million users spread throughout the globe on both IOS and Android platforms. I’m sure you’re wondering, where has this been my whole life? Well, actually, Yubo was made in 2015 by Twelve app. Many of you might have heard the previous name for this app: ‘Yellow’. Yubo is the twenty third most popular social networking app in the world. It really has made a bang in the community.

Attention to all students: in order to be on this app, you must be under the age of 18 with a parent’s consent.

This app is seriously awesome, but don’t just take my word for it; take it from the nearly 40,000 reviews. A thirteen year-old said in one review that “ilovvvveeee this app.” If you are unable to value this thirteen year-old’s opinion, maybe you will trust user Kristen3658 who said, “My daughter is homeschooled and has trouble making friends. She has Yubo and it helps her meet people and be social. Thank you Yubo!” She recommended this app for kids ten and older.

If you don’t believe the app’s reviewers, then you can trust me. I’ve began to do research on the app and after interviewing several anonymous users the census seems to be positive. Many people on Yubo are teens looking for all sorts of relationships; a friendship, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just a FaceTime buddy to talk with when times get rough. Outside of the friendship realm it is known for, Yubo is considered a very progressive site as well, having many LGBTQ+ users able to connect with people very similar to themselves.

However, like many similar sites, many say that the problem is not 100% knowing if the people they’ve added on Yubo accounts are real or not. Many of the users say that there are in fact catfishers lurking on the program, and remind future users to always be careful who you give your information to and who you meet up with.

Although rare, users must be careful of potential predators lurking in the app. In January of 2019,  a twenty six year-old was arrested due to illegal contact with a minor, met through teh app.

So long as users are taught how to use the app safely, such as not meeting other users in real life or sharing any private information, using the app can be a positive experience. One trick, they say, to figure out if the person you’ve connected with is indeed who they claim to be, is the amount of pictures they post to the app.

For example, a user only having one photo of themselves is a key sign of a hoax/catfisher.

Answer this: am I having a hard time making friends? Am I willing to open myself up to new opportunities while being safe? If so, you should download Yubo—or you can continue to go about making friends for yourself the hard way.

Photo Credit: Yubo
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