Cover Artist: I am Here, I am Brave


Photo Credit: August Mayton

Summit issue cover art.

McKenna Johnson, Editor in Chief

The BoiseHighlights is pleased to introduce this month’s cover artist, August Mayton, one of our rookie reporters. Mayton joined the news production team this year, his sophomore year of high school. We always knew of his spectacular writing skills, but while brainstorming and story pitching, it was discovered Mayton had a colored pencil and watercolor talent, perfect for the highlights cover art. Thus, his beautiful cover art piece was born, and we couldn’t be more proud. “It means a lot , cause it does feel like i’m putting myself out here more than just writing articles…I think it’s really nice that I can do cover art,” Mayton expressed after taking up the job.

Due to his parents’ travels and interests, Mayton has been surrounded by art for as long as he can remember. “Art has been around in my life, pretty much around my entire life,” he said, “Because my mom and dad travelled a lot and they would always bring back pieces of pottery from (places like) Poland. It’s always been around.” Mayton’s dad seems to prefer street art and graffiti, where as Mayton takes more of an interest in watercolor mediums. “I’m just using pencil and watercolor,” he said. 

Our summit issue and accompanying theme couldn’t have been more perfect for Mayton to make his debut. We Are Brave encompasses so many aspects, it was hard to pick just one angle. “The inspiration, the theme is we are brave…how I think it applies (to me) is just people standing up for what they believe in, and just saying like hey these are my rights and im not afraid to talk about them,” Mayton explained to me.

“My inspiration for the artwork I’m doing,” He continued, “Is basically a way of saying….saying I won’t be quiet because I am brave and I will talk about what I want.” 

Whether you are presenting in this year’s summit or not, we could all learn a little something about bravery from our very own August Mayton. Congrats, August, on your debut as cover artist!