Taylor Swift’s New (Old) Songs

Moesha AplicanoBurnham, Managing Editor

Many young artists get sucked into these big record labels with the promise of fame and A-list celebrity status, and end up losing their identity, creative freedom, and sometimes even their autonomy. 

While Taylor Swift’s case was not quite as severe as others, she still decided not to renew her contract with her previous record label, Big Machine Records. Instead, she signed with Universal Republic Records. With the change in record labels came a whole new set of issues; her music was no longer hers. 

Every album she had written prior to 2018 belonged to Big Machine records, meaning that she no longer owned the rights or got any of the profits from those 

songs. As a result of this she re-recorded her own albums that she no longer had rights to in order to reclaim her ownership of those iconic songs.

The only album so far that has been re-released has been her 2008 album, Fearless, now renamed as Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and soon to follow are Taylor 

Swift, Speak Now, Red, 1989, and Reputation including new songs “from the vault”  that have never been released before. Many of Swift’s dedicated fans have been very excited and supportive of the re-recorded albums. 

Along with supporting a beloved 

artist, it’s also refreshing to hear popular and loveable songs in a new way.  Many fans commented on how they feel as though they’re finally able to relate to their favorite songs in a new light after hearing them for the first time as children or young teens. 

As many people anticipate the release of their favorite songs in the re-recordings, Taylor’s songs have reached a new kind of popularity and media attention. It’s uncommon for artists to have the opportunity to put their new and more experienced take on old and well-loved songs, so of course many media outlets are taking the time to publish articles and interviews about the experience, giving more exposure and drumming up more excitement for Taylor Swift’s music, which has led to Swift’s songs making an appearance on the top charts once again.