Juicy Celebrity Hot Takes!


What celebrities do you admire? (Source: Stocksy.com)

Sophia Chen, Reporter

Ever wonder what celebrities your fellow classmates admire? Well, you probably don’t, but that’s okay. In this poll, students listed a celebrity that they admire. Out of the roughly 50 responses, some favorite celebrities are described below. Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson: Unsurprisingly, many students said that they admire ‘The Rock’. Students said that he is funny, cool, hot, and most importantly “he’s got hella muscles”. According to Google, the bald, buff, and boiling actor has starred in at least 59 movies. What a beast! Ryan Reynolds: Reynolds is an actor most notable for starring in Deadpool. Most comments about him are very entertaining. Some people seem to think he’s sizzling so hot he could smoke bacon. Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift is a very well-known singer, who has written many hit songs. Not only do they hit, but they also slap. Swift has sold 37.3 million albums. If you had a penny for every album she sold, you’d have 37.3 million pennies! Student Adriana Curtis states, “She is all about feminism and breaking through barriers, and she also has opened up about struggles, such as eating disorders and showing girls that being successful does not mean being perfect.” Danny Devito: Devito is a 76-year-old actor standing at 4’ 10”. Some interesting students described Devito as hot. Sophia Cowmey said, “he is hot [because] he is short and owns it, and he is so charming.” Don’t these students just make you chuckle? Harry Styles: Styles is an icon and pro-singer. Many people admire him for being down to earth. Tatiana Taylor answered that he is “very caring about his fans and he just does everything in his power to make sure people are alright.” He seems like quite a delight. Tyler the Creator: Tyler the Creator is a rapper whose music is of the hip hop jazz-rap R&B neo-soul horrorcore genre. A student wrote, “All of his songs are works of art, and all of his albums are a story. Not many other artists do that. He is also himself, and from all of his songs and videos, he isn’t trying to be anyone else. He is very honest in his music.” They don’t call him ‘the Creator’ for nothing. Robert Downey Jr.: Robert Downey Jr. is an inspirational and amazing actor. He is well known for acting as Tony Stark/Ironman. According to multiple students, Robert Downey Jr. is a very attractive middle-aged man. The man is 56 years old for goodness sake! Athletes: Basketball players like Russel Westbrook, Zion Williamson, Carlos Correa, Ja Morant, and Devin Booker seem to be trendy. Other celebrities like Mike Trout (MLB Baseball player) and Daniel Jones (NFL Football quarterback) were listed too. There were way too many celebrities and responses to include in this article, but many of them show how diverse and funny the students at Boise High are. The students at Boise High sure have great taste when it comes to celebrities!