Wrestling to the Grave


Boise High’s Wrestling Team at practice (Boise Brave Wrestling)

Tyler Weiss, Reporter

What was long thought for months by the Boise Brave wrestling team is similar to what was said in the first episode of Game of Thrones, winter is coming. Now, after a long wait, it is safe to say that winter has officially arrived. For some people, that usually means fun winter activities such as making snow angels or having a snowball fight. For the Boise High wrestling team, however, winter means getting into aggressive matches with their opponent and pinning them into the mat. 


The wrestling team’s motto this year is “Brave to the Grave.” The meaning behind this is not that the wrestlers will compete to the death, but that they will fight for Boise High until the end of the wrestling match. Another meaning behind this is something that applies to both past and present students at Boise High, being a Boise Brave for life. This motto is commonly used at other sporting events as well, as it has become a common chant by the student section.


To find out more about what to expect from this season, I sat down with head wrestling coach Mr. Bosquet, who also teaches Government and AP Government at Boise High. When asked what the biggest goal of the season was, Mr. Bosquet replied with, “the biggest goal this season is to increase the number of state medals.” State medals are very hard to achieve, and to get there you need to have players who are passionate about the sport. Good news for the Brave, that’s exactly the term Mr. Bosquet used to describe his team. “They’re passionate, they’ve been wrestling since last year, some have been wrestling all summer, and through all the prep in the preseason it’s just been clear that they really want this.”


Heading into the season with high hopes and seeking an increased number in state medals, the Boise Brave wrestling team looks ready to compete. Heading into each match, they will certainly have the team’s motto in mind, because just as with all past, present, and future students here at Boise High, they are all brave to the grave.