The Sounds of Summer

Lauren Lafrades , Junior Editor-In-Chief

With the arrival of warmer weather and the end of the school year within sight, it’s clear that summer is upon us. Music is an integral part of society and common themes including romance, youth, breakups, and dance parties tend to pop up during this time of the year, in a genre best described as summer anthems. Songs that are reminiscent of tanned skin, melting temperatures, and night drives remind us of the summer season and unite us through the nostalgic feeling that is only brought upon by summer.

Often times the “songs of summer” are highly popularized tunes that we all grow to know far too well. Pop culture is infiltrated with catchy tunes and an abundance of new music released perfectly in time with the beginning of summer.

Boise High students are no exception to the swarm of music lovers crafting their ideal summer playlists during this time of the year. The array of music preference at BHS is wide and diverse. This is what some Boise High Students predict will be their own personal summer anthems for 2018.

“Rich and Sad by Post Malone because it shows the highs and lows of summer and it just makes me happy” – Sam Centeno

“Courtesy of the Red White and Blue because there’s nothing better than the relaxing sound of sweet freedom” – Camas White & Samantha Morgan

“Neato by Three Loco because it’s a bop” – Maddie Oppenheimer

“Morning by Marc E Bassy because I think there’s a good vibe and it has a nice melody” – Maggie Olson

“Lift Yourself by Kanye West because it makes me feel all sorts of things and the lyrics resonate with me on a deeper level” – Sebastian Gilett and Andrew Smith

“ Just a Friend by Biz markie because it slaps”- Jackson Elliot

“Dreams by Fleetwood Mac because it’s nostalgic and a really beautiful and sort of classic song that has really chill vibes and still maintains good lyrics” – Sydney Banuelos

“Sunflower Seeds by Bryce Vine because it’s happy and always brings a good mood,” – Sophia Saucerman

“Apple Bottom Jeans (Low) because it’s a classic” – Brogan Richards

“This is America by Childish Gambino because it’s woke and the beat changes or Nice For What by Drake because it makes me feel like powerful woman” – Grace Zhu

“Lime Tree by Trevor Hall because it’s calming and has beautiful imagery” – Abigail Moone

“Island in the Sun by Weezer because it makes me happy and gets me on the mood to go out and hangout in the sun” – Charis Hadden

“I like to play the Jaws theme song when I’m swimming in the summer because i think it adds to the experience” – Jeffrey Zhou