The state of State St.

Skyler Johnson, Reporter

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If you’ve been on state near veterans within the past 6 months than you’ll know about the awful, tedious, terrible, and other synonymous words describing the construction going on over there.

And I think I speak for all people who live in that area when I say,


It is the most frustrating thing in the world

Sand and dirt everywhere

Half built crosswalks that don’t even work

And next to no progress in what seems like years

And what was so bad about the old intersection,



It flowed well, like there was no holdups

Had functioning crosswalks that weren’t uneven dirt paths

And it had really easy access to Wendy’s and The Viking because you could cross the street safely

Not like the new monstrosity that shall not be named

(the intersection at Veterans and State)

I know it sounds like a first world problem

But to me its a third world hell

Because nothing seems to get these construction guys to work

There’s been almost no progress in a month

And it’s been a long month

A long month of waiting

And suffering

At the same stupid intersection

With the same stupid people

The people who are always cutting people off

I just wanna cross the road

And it’s not like crossing the road is fun anyway

It’s like walking through a sandbox

A sandbox with broken bottles and plastic garbage

And why concrete?

Roads should be asphalt, not concrete.

Like what are you building?

Because it looks like a parking lot and a dirt mound  had an angry unorganized lovechild who likes to bully decent people

And then those decent people get angry,

And then I get angry

Because I just want to go to Wendy’s

But I can’t go to Wendy’s

Because everyone wants to get through the intersection

And they end up cutting off all the pedestrians

You aren’t better than me because you have a shoddy honda civic

You’re just more entitled than me

And while we’re in the area what happened to Smoky Davis

That place was cool, but one day it’s there, one day it’s not

It was a really cool building to look at too

And if I find the person who knocked that place over then I will have something foul to say to them