What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Drew Beckett, Reporter

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Halloween is the prime time to dress up, whether that be a ghost or a Marvel character: we all do it. This is the one night were you can dress up however you want and nobody will know who you are. But who are you under the mask? How does your costume reflect you? Well we have a list of some goofs’ and gaffs for you on our list.

Any Riverdale Costume Ever : “Did you watch the last episode of Riverdale? I wonder what mysteries are in Boise?”

Incredibles : This is your favorite movie ever and you constantly say, “Honey where’s my supersuit?”

Cowboy : Yeehaw!

Britney Spears : Cardi B fan .

Literally, any Fortnite character : You hard core gamer. #memeer


Lil Pump : You are the bigest hype best.

Logic : You think you can solve all of the worlds problems.

Hippy : We go to Boise, you’re not dressed up.

Donald Trump : You are a Democrat.

Stranger Things : Who you gonna call? Child services.

Batman : Definitely taking your family trick or treating.

Robin : At least I’m not Batman.

    Kanye : Yeezus.

Ghostbusters : You saw the idea in Stranger Things.

Zombie : Mom packs your lunch.

Raccoon : Meme.

Ron Swanson : Most likely a vegan.

Veggie Tales : You and your brother have a 1998 Volvo.

Anyone with a choker : Emo.

Nothing : Went to a friends house and sulked.

     Boy: You are a girl.

     Girl: You are a boy.

     Anime Character: You think that every girl in Japan has massive eyes and very little clothes.

     Joker: Put a smile on that face.

     Dog: That’s ruff.

     Witch: You basic witch.

     Ghost: You basic unoriginal goul.

     Lion: You king.

Be aware, if you wear any of these things, you will be exposed. So be careful and have some finesse. Have a great Halloween 2k18.