Amaru Confections

Nicole Kuykendoll, Reporter

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If you’re ever in the need for a sweet treat or maybe even a custom cake, Amaru Confections located on Roosevelt out by Emerald Lanes is a great place to look into. In the year 2000, Aimee, the founder of Amaru Confections started this small little hobby of hers in her one bedroom apartment. Fast forward to 2012 and Aimee and her husband Chris decide they will need a bigger space for their small little hobby which would now become their actual job. In 2013, they found a space to call home for their confectionary and gluten free bake shop. Five years later, their sweets shop is still in the same location and doing phenomenal, selling cakes to people all over Idaho. Katie Luna, one of the head managers and executive bakers of Amaru, talked about how the bakery was unique from other places.

In her words,“Not only do we do custom stuff but we also have a variety of of different desserts, we have a lot of gluten free items, and its really cool because we are one of the first gluten free whole sales here.”

Whole sales, meaning “the selling of goods to merchants; usually in large quantities for resale to consumers”. The inside of the bakery lives up to the delicious sweets inside it. They house cupcakes, croissants and cinnamon rolls etc, this item with the price range of small pastries cost 3-11 dollars and custom cakes 50-300 dollars while this might be seen as a splurge item, the cakes are worth it. A notable thing this cute shop offers is the fact that they serve beer and wine which is a different and fun choice for a confectionary store to do.

For people who are of legal age of drinking this can be a fun bonus to enjoying a cake there. For those not of age they have many other sweet surprises.The cake flavors are exquisite with vanilla, raspberry and chocolate and irish creme.

For date night, an after school treat, or anything in between this quant confectionary shop is perfect for anyone who is ever in the Boise area looking to try something “new” and unique!

Behind the scenes details were crazed but went smooth. I got to experience for myself the technology when I visited during intermission with Mandy Rice, the audio tech for all the plays the Civic Center does. The spotlights were spot on, including the laser animation of the tiny, energetic Tinkerbell. The outfits were very accurate, matching perfectly to the original broadway show.

   In complete honesty, my heart soared just like the characters did. every song was wonderfully sung, the actors and actresses fit into the personas of their characters so perfectly that you could close your eyes and imagine that it wouldn’t all be over in the span of forty-five minutes.

     This play took me and everyone else in the audience back to that place in our memories where we were young and sang along to these songs loudly.

Just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and maybe we can all soar across the night sky with Peter Pan and tell stories to the stars.