Conjuring the Nun

Edie Munch, Reporter

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The newest movie in the film series The Conjuring, The Nun has raised the new standard for horror movies. This film produced by well known horror movie director, James Wan hit 53.5 million dollars in box office sales it’s first week.

While not mainly focusing on on the work of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren like in the other Conjurings and Annabelle, the movie is based on the demonic Nun, Valak, who was introduced at the end of “The Conjuring 2” terrorizing the life of Lorraine. Andrew Barker, a writer from Variety Magazines described this movie as “A serviceable 96 minutes of standard-issue jump scares and supernatural hokum.”

The movie takes place in Romania where American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga who undertakes the role of Sister Irene visits a perished Vatican in the Romanian Forests after a local comes upon the body of a Nun who took her own life. Father Burke and Sister Irene are drawn to the Vatican when they uncover it’s dark history. The evil presence haunting the Abbey begins terrorizing it’s new visitors. Father Burke and Sister Irene learn about the evil, dark history while being terrorized by Valak.

The movies in The Conjuring series do have a twist to them. They are all inspired and/or based on true events. Just to make you a little more spooked, this is the real story that inspired The Nun. From the ancient collection of grimoires (“a manual of magic or witchcraft used by witches and sorcerers.”)

The Lesser Key of Solomon,  the character Valak is “The Sixty-second Spirit is Volac, or Valak, or Valu. He is a President Mighty and Great, and appeareth like a Child with Angel’s Wings, riding on a Two-headed dragon.” But, knowing the inspiration of Valak does make the movie scarier.

In my opinion, the movie did have a few really good jump scares, good acting and a steady plot. The jump scares were pretty much the only scary part of the whole movie. (or I’m just immune to horror movies.)

The first Conjuring and the other movies in the Conjuring series were all really good and scary, yet the Nun wasn’t as scary or intense as the others, which makes me have doubts if they release any other movies in this series. I’m not saying this movie was bad, but there could be improvements on the scarieness throughout.

If you are terrified of horror movies, maybe this might not be the movie to watch, but if you’re looking for a little spook this Halloween season, watch the Nun.