How to Open a Present You Don’t Like

Christmas is like a box of chocolate you never know how bad it will be.

Photo Credit: molly Stranahan

Christmas is like a box of chocolate you never know how bad it will be.

Drew Beckett, Reporter

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We have all recieved gifts that we don’t like, whether that be clothes, or if you’re a child, toys. That moment when you open up a box that looks like a new phone but is really anything but that.

You hate it so much, but the person that gave you the gift is right there, so what do you do? I have a few ways that you could react, and they might be good or bad it’s just up to how passionate you are.

This is the first method that can be used: have you ever been given a gift that you really hate but the person that gave it to you is so nice (This is probably your grandpa or grandma) ? What you do is yell at them and tell them that they are the worst at giving gifts.

And you ignore those dinosaur riding ancient people who probably saw the fall of Incaz and the Aztecs. This reaction from them will most likely be, “back in my day if I ever had said that to my grandparents, they would beat me senseless,” but jokes on them you don’t care you just wanted a pair of NMDs but no you got a good for nothing college saving fund. Method two is one of the best,this one may seem a bit harsh but simply ask the giver of the gift if there feeling okay, “I mean what’s up?”

You lose your girl or something, because this is just awful! I mean I don’t even think the Youth Ranch would take it.

Method three, the most used one: Just simply be kind and respectful say thank you and nothing else.

Oh my, why how loud method four is. Literally just yell at the top of your lungs that they are gender stereotyping you because they aren’t giving you what you wanted. This will definitely get some laughs from your siblings.

This is personally my favorite method, number five. Definitely the best; what I want you to do is when you open up that gift and it’s not something you like, look depressed and then grab that stupid gift and throw the gift down the garbage disposal because why not?

That’s the most flashy thing you could do, like breaking a kids ankles and hitting a buzzer beater… savage.

Last of all method six, yell at them because they’re babying  you, you are a sixteen year old girl, not a small child. You don’t want a dress, you want that Kylie Lip Kit.

If you use these methods, I guarantee you that your Christmas will be the most regretful thing that you can ever be a part of, but hey, maybe you’ll get that gift you’ve been wanting to get your whole life.These methods are obviously powerful and should be used with extreme caution. Do not take these lightly. This is the most magical time of the year, right?