Cover Artist

Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

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To portray the theme of  “unity in the community” Suzanne Ringer brought her creativity to life. Ringer is using oil paints to create this piece, because she believes she can make the piece “colorful and swirly.”

She has been an artist in the making her whole life, and has done as many art classes as possible at Fort Boise, “ I remember making ornaments and pinch pots, this made me excited to pursue art as I grew up,”.

Ringer loves the fun aspect art brings out in her; but doesn’t want to pursue art as a career due to the pressure put on artists. She’s currently in Art Two and has only done one oil painting, prior to one for the newspaper.  We would like to say she has done an amazing job for not having much practice with it.

In the painting she designed a person dancing with multiple heads and legs balanced on a sunflower in space. This is to bring to life the aspect of the multicultural, diverse and open environment at Boise High. “The crazy colors shows that it doesn’t matter where we came from and we all make exquisite rainbows from our legs and heads, together we are weird faces and skins and are beautiful creatures,” says Ringer.

Even though Ringer is not certian her plans concerning art in the future, her art is magnificent as shown on the cover.

Ringer proves that the spirtual connection between art and the human body can take you to places you’ve never seen.