The Hilarious yet Saddening Truth about Tekashi69

Sydney Cayo, Design Editor

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Remember when Tekashi69 was first introduced to the music scene? Having not seen his face or listened to any of his music, I could have sworn Tekashi69 was a jab at the rise of k-pop culture.

You know the kid who’s always on his Xbox watching Naruto or Rick and Morty even or posting his victory royale wins on his snap story? Tekashi69 sounds like that kids gamertag.

Unsurprisingly, I saw memes on Instagram before I heard any of his music.

You know, when people say Who’s this clown, it’s usually teasing.

This time, 69 could have passed as a photoshopped parody of your average clown.

Don’t let him perform at your teenage daughter’s birthday though!

Anyways, the first thing I noticed about him wasn’t the colorful locks of lucious dreads but the giant 69 tattooed on his face. As high schoolers, the numbers 69, 420, and 666 have become different parts of some kind of humor.

Please don’t make me explain how 69 became a meme. Just think about the kind of message sent by permanently etching sixty nine onto your forehead. Not even hidden in the hairline, unmistakingly obvious to any witness. You might be able to say these witnesses never seen a crime, they just caught a glimpse at Tekashi69 but honestly that boy is a walking felony on more than a few levels.

Just imagine this for a minute. You’re a wage earning manager who worked hard to get somewhere in life.

Some kid named Billy submits a job application to you. He walks into your office, dead serious about being serious right now, and 69 is permanently displayed on his forehead.

If you don’t give him the job, he and his squad full of killers will rob your house of all it’s valuables before you return home from your shift.

If you do give him the job, you have to live with the fact that you hired a grown man with 69 on his forehead to be an associate. Which is more embarrassing?

After finally taking in who this infamous six-nine was, I concluded that this HAD to be a joke. Tekashi69 was fairly early in this most recent wave of rap music, he came at a time where ridiculous soundcloud rappers like Lil Trash or Yung Feces were at the forefront of social media memerey.

He had to be just another meme.

Boy was I wrong. Of course, after his sexual assault charges on a 13 year old went public, all the high school senior types who love to pray on the freshmen girls became his fan base.

I just think it’s rich how people defend Tekashi69 not being a sexual predator when he has 14 year old boys screaming along to lyrics about murder by someone who calls themselves six nine for christ sake. I’m sorry, did we forget what that means?

I like 69 though, don’t get me wrong. I just would have expected him to become friends with Donald Trump before Kanye West.

I don’t know why I think that, the repressed teenage angst that was never properly processed and therefore prominent in adult livelihood and their legal history just seem to match up.

Well except for the life sentence and the racketeering charge. I don’t even think anyone knows what racketeering is, we all just assume whatever racket six nine was making before won’t start again until he gets out of prison.