Tis The Season to Volunteer


Megan Bass, Gracie Maulik, Ella Schmitz, Caitlin Atkins, Sophia Martin, Alana Cronin, Kyra Cronin (left to right) BHS Sophomores and Juniors volunteering at the Nike Regionals Cross Country Meet. What a great way to help out the community!

McKenna Johnson, Managing Editor

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone in the community. Turkeys need roasting, colored lights need hanging, candles need lighting and evergreen trees need decorating. Most importantly, during the holiday season, the community needs volunteers.

The community never really stops needing volunteers, but volunteer centers tend to have a shortage of volunteers during this time of need. “Volunteering, any time of the year, brings the community together. We love to have volunteers during the holiday season, but we need help year round in various facets of our agency. Giving just a few hours of your time can help a kid get the help needed to change their life.” said Leslie Morthland, Volunteer Services Manager at the Idaho Youth Ranch. Listed below are only a few of the many great volunteer opportunities during what time remains in this holiday season.

If you’re looking for more opportunities, check out your own Boise High Key Club, National Honors Society, or Humanitarian Club for more information on volunteering in your community.

Why is volunteering so important? “A lot what takes place in the community doesn’t happen without volunteers, which is why volunteering is so important. Volunteering really teaches people how they can impact society and the community. There is a lot of important things that can happen to help people, but it takes volunteers.” Jack Ward said, Team Idaho/Events Volunteer Coordinator, who works out of the Downtown Boise and Treasure Valley YMCA. Ward also answered why volunteering is a good option for students at Boise high, or living in Boise in general. “It gives people the opportunity to see how they really can impact others and the community, and what is takes to make things happen.”

Moreover, volunteering is just one way to spice up your college application. It shows the college admittance administration that you care about the community, and that you’ve actual taken action to help the community.

“Volunteering helps [students] to understand what our community needs, and how they can be a part of the incredible work that happens every day in our community,” says Morthland. It’s one thing to send a Christmas card and your best wishes to those in need during the holiday season, but taking action to help those in need by volunteering is much more effective and rewarding for everyone involved.

Volunteering is always a good idea, not just during the holiday season, but if you’re bored over the long winter break or just looking for a rewarding experience, give volunteering a try. It may only be a few hours to you, but to someone in need, it could mean the world.

YMCA Christmas Run

December 21st – Seeking volunteers to help with packet pickup from 2pm-7pm. Volunteers are also needed to help with the run, December 22nd, from 8am to around 12pm at the Downtown YMCA. If interested, contact [email protected], or join us in room 228 during lunch on Mondays.

Idaho Youth Ranch-

December 19th – 22nd, seeking a group of volunteers to assist us in wrapping Christmas presents for the kids at Hays House.

December 28th – 31st, we are looking for individuals to assist us in our thrift stores for our end of year donations busy time. Volunteers need to be 13+. If interested, contact [email protected]

Tutor @ Jefferson Elementary, Thursdays 3:45-4:45. For more info, join Humanitarian Club during Lunch on Wednesdays in room 422. This is a great resume builder!