Looking Dope Down the Slope

Richard Bain, Reporter

Boise High School is lucky because skiing is easily accessible. Bogus Basin and Brundage provide Boisians a quick ski get away. Teh Boise High Ski Team hopes to share the sport with the student body. The BHS ski team is a perfect fit for all levels of skiers. One student who is  joining the team is Emerson Konkol. He is a sophomore and a new skier on the team. He is a little nervous, but is also excited to get back in the sport. He used to ski four years ago with his older brother. His older brother was an inspiration to him, and Konkol wants to regain his skills so when his brother visits he can ski with him once more. He is also interested in meeting new people, traveling, receiving medals and of course, skiing. He also wants to try snowboarding for a new challenge.

     The Snowboarding team captain is BHS senior, Ethan Tripp. He is a highly experienced snowboarder and has been going down the slopes for eleven years. He was a first place medalists in the intermediate level last year. He is looking forward to competing in the expert level with hopes of some first place wins. As the captain of team, he tries to help new snowboarders who are having a difficult time getting the technique down. He has recruited a couple friends who have never strapped themselves to a board in their lives to try out snowboarding and join the team. He is also providing carpool rides for kids who can’t get themselves up and down from Bogus.

     You might think Ethan has spent multiple years on the team, but this is only Tripp’s second year. He took this captain job for the experience and for fun. Even as a captain, he still looks up to the advisers for their kindness, hard working spirit, and generosity.

One of the advisors is Ms. Becerra, a BHS chemistry teacher. She wants more student involvement in ski team. She wants to grow the sport so she can spread the skill and work ethic skiing requires.

    Ms. Becerra explains that practices are usual devoted to personal improvement and accomadate to the various levels on the team. “The kids ski on their own usually, it’s like right when we get there they poof, disappear.”she says.

She encourages pros and kids who have never skiied before to partake in the life time sport. Ms. Becerra is inspired when she sees people in their 80’s or 90’s and they are still shredding the slopes like Shaun White.

     Overall, the ski team is ready and is always looking for more kids to join. So when you are couching it on a Sunday morning you should ski for Boise.