Wild Root Cafe: Is It Worth The Price?


Photo Credit: Devon Smith

Wild Root’s open concept kitchen allows you to see your food being made.

Andre Souza, Reporter


Downtown Boise is full of casual cafes, elegant eateries, and drop-in diners. But only one combines all three. Wild Root Cafe and Market is a modern-style health food restaurant, located on the busy 8th Street.

The atmosphere is welcoming and light, with big windows in the front allowing for a panoramic view of downtown Boise. It is an open space, with a clear view of the kitchen, and smaller tables surrounded by metal green chairs.

The menu is displayed on a digital monitor, and one of the first things you may notice walking in is that the restaurant is very green, in both its appearance and ideology. With every meal, there are vegetarian and vegan food options. They focus on serving gourmet, healthy, and eco-friendly food in a peaceful atmosphere.

You may find foods on the menu here that you have never heard of, such as Migas, an egg dish with chorizo, cashew cheese, and tortillas. Another exquisite dish that is highly recommended is the Indian Bhurji, which fuses traditional Indian cuisine with the Famous American Breakfast. It combines garlic naan with eggs and veggies and is topped with a savory-sweet special sauce that will either make or break the dish. At the Wild Root Cafe, you are invited to sway from the traditional and try something new.

However, the good food and downtown location come at a price, in this case, a very high price. Fresh and organic is often more expensive than regular food, but combining these two aspects with gourmet will drive up the cost even more, which is what makes Wild Root Cafe is so expensive.

Their menu is awash with double-digit numbers, and even something so simple as a bowl of granola, the cheapest meal item available, will set you back seven dollars. For kids, they offer a grilled PB&J or Mac and Cheese, the former being eight dollars, the latter, ten. Any meal here is sure to put a hole in your wallet.

The Wild Root Cafe makes one wonder how much they are willing to pay for their health. This may be the place for a nice dinner, but try not to make it a habit of eating here, because it will break your bank.