The Young’s Relationship with Substance

Sydney Cayo, Design Editor

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There are things about generations older than us that we might never know anything about. How irregular certain drug practices are fluctuate as people adapt, social norms develop, and legislative changes. In the ’80s, marijuana was put in the same class of drug as heroin. While that might not be the case speaking on health effects, the accessibility of marijuana in bulk to minors in America is bonkers, so that might clue you in on why the substance was classified as harshly as it was. There’s no denying that marijuana use has started reaching younger ages and in bigger mass as the years have passed.

While this does say something about the topic of marijuana, this isn’t the only thing that deserves to be focused on. A pharmaceutical epidemic has been developing across the state for decades, from pain pills to opioids to controlled amphetamines like Adderall. This epidemic was brought in mostly by adults but unsurprisingly has begun to seep down to younger ages.

With the rise of drugs comes the rise of criminal cases. Once a juvenile is on probation, risky behavior will either taper off or the juvenile will learn the loopholes of the system.

This means that they find substances not tested for during urinary analysis. Growing up, we were all told about the curses and blessings that the internet has to offer. Lucky for us, it’s kind of hard to get in too much trouble during your everyday internet surf. However, if you were to look hard enough, there are outlets for anything you can think of really on the internet.

The dark web has supplied a number of different substances to flow into the north end. Bidding on products off the dark web can potentially be dangerous for any buyer, as their information and even their lives are put at risk. Bulk substances like LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, or any other obscure mind-altering consumable is available for purchase after a little effort, and when you’re already dealing with highly illegal product, legal purchasing age is out the window.

Not every child will go this extreme, but it only takes one for groups of kids to have access to this plug. This has touched not only the high schools in our area but has already become part of NJH culture.

As nicotine consumption has become easier through the discrete smoking devices like Juul or Sourin, young minds are often primed for addiction by the time a student enters high school. If you have a problem, reach out for help. If you have a younger brother or sister or know someone who is struggling with addiction on or off probation, reach out. Don’t let your life peak in high school.