Why Golf Is a Sport

Drew Beckett, Reporter

Golf is one of the most played sports in the world, yet some people criticize it as not being a sport, but rather a hobby.I will admit that yes, it can be considered not super physical. You’re only walking on a course and swinging a club, but I would like you to go try to drive a ball 300 yards or play 18 holes and shoot under a hundred points. Please tell me how difficult  to run and kick a ball..

We can all agree that swimming, basketball, gymnastics, skiing, track, cross country are all sports. but the one thing that they all have in common they are Olympic sports.  Some people measure what is and isn’t a sport by if it’s in the Olympics. If you believe golf isn’t a sport, then you’re wrong. Golf is in the Olympics, yes you have read that right, golf is in the Olympics.

   When golfing, you walk around four miles, not including incline. You also might have to walk more if you hit badly and have to go searching for balls.  In golf you can burn almost 1,000 calories reported by the New York Times.

Harvard University did a study in 2016 and found that the average soccer player can burn anywhere from 260 to 311 calories in thirty minutes, so in a professional game time of ninety minutes, they burn anywhere from 780 to 933 calories. Yet in golf, you burn more than a thousand calories.  Yes, you burn more or just under the amount of calories a soccer player does in a entire game. These two sports are almost identical in the sense that you can burn the the equivalent amount of energy during a game.

   The Oxford dictionary defines a sport as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against oneself or others for entertainment. In golf, you play for both entertainment and others. If not, why would it be on T.V? Physical exertion is defined as when someone exerts a physical movement and increasing your heart rate. This is seen in golf when swinging a club and walking to different holes. The definition  also mentions skill.ow many of you can go out to a hole and drive the ball over 200 yards? How many of you have a good enough short game to get onto the green within 3 shots? How many of you can put the ball in the hole in one stroke? Does that not take skill?

Do you compete against another person or a team is the possibly the hardest to prove, Golf players compete against other people when in  tournaments all the time. However, you can also play alone. In basketball, you go and do shooting drills, but that is a sport so if you were to go hit balls or play alone it would be right.

Photo Credit: NYMagazine