Brave Together: Finding Common Ground


Photo Credit: Noah Dean-Erlander

The summit theme, Brave Together: Finding Common Ground.

McKenna Johnson, Managing Editor

Summit day is one of the most long awaited days in the Boise High School calander. Gone are the hours of teacher led classes and lectures: on summit day, it’s the student’s turn to take over the school.

The Students of Boise High look forward to this day every year with great anticipation. As the 6th annual Summit approaches, the theme has been announced as “Brave Together; Finding Common Ground”. A lofty topic, don’t you think?

What exactly does finding common ground mean, and what can students anticipate this year?

Ms. Tetrick, an Avid 11 teacher and summit coordinator, took the time to put it simply for students. “There seems to be a lot of turmoil in the world right now, and it can be in our school, it can be in our community, nation or around the world. We want them to understand that if you take the time to learn how to find common ground, to learn how to come together on something, that it is possible.”

As stated above, common ground is about coming together. It’s about compromise.

Aside from learning about the joys of compromise, students have lots to look forward to.

Last year, students had the opportunity to hear keynote speaker Cherie Buckner-Webb, who was a huge hit. This year, BHS students have voted for someone more out of the box.

“We have a unique keynote speaker this year, his name is Guero Loco. He has lots of experience with very large scale issues. Instead of having someone more local, having a blockbuster sort of keynote speaker is gonna be neat,” says Tetrick.

Aside from Mr. Loco, students are encouraged to pick topics related to finding common ground under the broader umbrella of social justice and educate their fellow students.

Or maybe put on a workshop to give students an unforgettable experience. Perhaps the most important, who could forget about the community garden food truck lunch rush?

You may not know it, but the very event that allows students to take over is directed by students as well. Sebastian Gillet and Mariah Albin, both Avid 11 students, weighed in on what students can expect during this student-oriented event. “They [Sophomores] can expect workshops, like karaoke and dancing, [and] presentations on things people believe that matter and connect to finding common ground [including] controversial issues. It’s a lot of fun,” says Albin. Gillett agrees as well, saying “They should expect a lot of impressive presentations. People put lots of work into their presentations and there are some cool ones.”

Its very special that we put on this summit at Boise. Tetrick explains, “As far as we know, we are the only high school in the country that does this.”

It may be difficult to find common ground, but it will be anything but difficult to learn about common ground through the summit. “It’s based around unity, and bringing people together,” Albin reinforces. “It doesn’t matter what they believe in, we are are coming together for a reason.”

Students, be sure to mark you calendars for March 13th. You won’t want to miss out on this famous Boise High tradition.