Sports Superstitions

Sydney Cayo, Design Editor

The team group chat is hyped the morning of a talked up game, Cafe Zupas is the only thing to pull the team together in preparation. The vibe between all the players is buzzing over perfectly selected plates curated for each individual taste. As everyone finishes up, it becomes written in the stars that the dub is all but secured. All that’s left is to play the game.

Afterward, when you high five the losing visitors and huddle up with your team to vocally celebrate what you already knew would happen, each stomach lets out a quiet, ignored rumble of satisfaction. That restaurant will be the martyr of every win this season. Or maybe it’s just really good. Who knows, what matters is that superstition entails the necessary.

From the diamond to the mats, to the fields of grass, to the basketball court, each sport dabbles in their own manifestation of good luck for each game.

That’s what the baseball gods say at least. While teenage boys might be reluctant to admit, infamous sports deities and smelly jersey’s might be what we have to thank for the gains made across the board. While no one prioritizes leaving their bat in a certain spot, it makes sense that whatever a team had for dinner on the night of a big win might not by coincidence, right?

A more obvious example could be the State Qualifiers of the wrestling team bleaching their hair before the tournament. In sports like softball and volleyball, the style of the hair can be a contributing factor in a win.

One of the most important factors in most every sport is music. This is agreed upon by both girls and boys sports teams as the tunes set the mood for the whole game. The hype is nothing without well-spirited classics.

“The music played before a game could definitely affect how the team comes out. The basketball team steps it up a little bit with a fun dance game routine called “Ride That Pony.”