Applying to College


Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

Applying for colleges is something all high school students go through and is not necessarily the easiest process. While interviewing students preparing the summit presentation applying to college”, they pointed out their goals and aspirations for this presentation. Bodie Brownlee found it important to explain the importance and how to apply to college successfully. They found this relevant because they are juniors and know how crucial your junior year is to committing and applying to colleges. Brownlee felt is was important to add “ Since I just applied and I know the details I really want to share my knowledge with others.”

To prepare for this they created a step by step presentation to show students how to apply for colleges that they really want to attend. These Students have the experience and the knowledge to teach their fellow students how to be successful. The drive for this presentation was he lack of information they had when they applied for college, so they felt they could have been more educated on the process.

They feel confident in their presentation and hope students understand and take their advice into hand when they have to apply to colleges in the future. Because over 1500 students attend Boise High and will be going to the summit their presentation could really make an impact and that is their one goal.