Subarus: Boise Car Culture

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Subarus: Boise Car Culture

Devon Smith, Reporter

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As I excitedly ran down the stairs entering the underground Jump parking garage, I was suddenly hit with the strong smell of exhaust. Once inside, I was greeted with an endless wave of cars darting in and out of parking spaces. I had never seen so many different types of cars in one place before. Volvos, BMWs, and Dodge Chargers  roamed throughout the garage.

I never realized that         Boise had such a large community of people interested in cars. Despite the diversity in cars the Jump Car Meet was dominated by a specific car: Subarus. Wagons, Outbacks, and WRXs flooded the garage and filled the air with growling exhaust pipes. Why was this car so prominent here, and everywhere else in Boise?

Subarus are not just for car gurus who spend hours perfecting their rides, but also for the everyday commuter. The Subaru Outback is a very common car among Boise High students for obvious reasons. The Outback can seat five and is four wheel drive, allowing for safer driving on days “when it should have been a snow day!” Another reason why Boise kids cling to Subarus is because of their affordability. One can easily find a used Subaru for cheap on Boise Craigslist. Boise High student, Julian Miller, shares the story of his Subaru with me.

“I decided on my Subaru WRX because my parents wanted me to get a safe car, so I looked for the fastest Subaru I could find. When I bought my 2002 Subaru WRX, it was completely stocked and had been parked in a garage for two years. Another reason why people love Subarus so much is their accessibility to beginners looking to build a car.

“I love to get my hands dirty and jump into projects. I’ve upgraded everything from the turbo engine down to the wheels. When asked about Boise Car Culture, Julian had this to say. “Boise Car Culture is really unique; there’s a lot of cars here that you wouldn’t see   other places.

The Jump car meet was amazing, but we need to have more meets in order to build up the community.” Julian described his car as “being the ultimate soccer dad race car – with the wagon and five seats, this thing will get everyone to soccer practice and back very quickly.”

     The Subaru has a cult like following. One can spot stickers on Subarus and downtown stating SUBI GANG.  On social media you will see loyal Subaru owners swearing by the perfection that is the Subaru. One valid claim to fame that the Subaru has is it’s amazing winter driving capability. While other car owners put there cars away during the winter months, Subaru owners proudly speed and drift on winter roads.

     Subarus are all around great cars and it’s easy to see why the people of Boise love them. The Subaru brings the ultimate combination of both speed and control. With Boise car culture still growing, Subarus may become even more prominent in the near future. Only time will tell.