A Golden Promposal

Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

      Prom! Something floating over everyone’s minds. The Time is coming and it’s coming fast! There’s so many creative and fun ways you can ask your dream date!

One story sticks out in particular: the classic, elegant, crowd stopping proposal of Student Senior Lexi. With the theme being gold, this promposal was definitely golden.

  The proposal took place in the quad about a month ago. On an otherwise gloomy and cloudy day, the poster and sweet gesture lit up the entire quad with smiles and cheers.

  While waiting for Lexi, her date had a beautiful sign and flowers waiting for her saying “ I have been dreaming of this day.”  He completed his romantic gesture with a  hand carved, wooden heart covered in stars. The poster fit the theme of this year’s prom perfectly. It was such a sweet and dreamy idea that nothing else the Boise Highlights has seen has compared to this gesture.

   Many Boise High students gathered around to watch Lexi’s reaction. Adrenaline rose as everyone stood watching in the quad anticipating Lexi’s entrance.

As she walked out, the Boise high students cheered as a grand smile took over Lexi’s face. Over 100 students and many teachers surrounding Lexi and her date were excited to see the result of this very sweet gesture.

Lexi and her boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 years now. She knew of the promposal, but not when or where, making this moment a shock, especially considering the amount of thought and effort that was put into this proposal.

She was really excited when she saw the poster, and everyone gathered around to watch. This being Lexi’s final prom, it was definitely a grand finale!

Lexi’s promposal was one of the first prom proposals of the year, drawing an expectation of the many to come. Other students also took the event as an inspiration, following the trend. We wish them a happy night at their senior prom!