Stylizing Self-Improvement With a Splash of Color


Photo Credit: Chris Link

Cover artist of the month, Paloma Link, tasked with illustrating this issue’s ‘Becoming You and Improved.’

Luiza Decenzi, Reporter

Wrapping up the year with the May issue of the Boise Highlights colorfully, junior Paloma Link used her dexterity with paint to illustrate and brighten yet another cover of the newspaper, taking inspiration from the theme and the Boise High community.

Beginning on the note of her affection for art, Link shared, “I love how it is just completely open ended, and you have total freedom of creativity to just create whatever you have in              your mind.”

Following her passion for art, Link developed an extensive and varied artistic background using the course selection available in Boise High. From painting to drawing to ceramics, Link advanced her skill and talent through applying herself in an array of techniques that each assisted the improvement of the other.

For Link, inspiration often comes hidden in her schedule, waiting for its unwinding. “It is really cool see other people working really hard and expressing your creativity,” Link commented about her classmates, “everyone in those [art] classes really inspire me.”

“I usually like to go for a more stylized, not totally realistic kind of look with my art,” said Link, “I like to explore with a lot of different types of art, too.” Although with such a strong grasp of a range of artistic forms may cause most people to feel a pull towards multiple techniques, Link identifies her preferred style as illustration. Using her remarkable abilities for illustration, Link previously worked with an online magazine, creating artwork for a few of their articles.

Switching to a focus on her most recent artwork for the Highlight’s cover, Link explained how her painting portrayed this issue’s theme of ‘Becoming You and Improved’.

Subsequent to her favorite style, Link specified, her drawing will have a stylized take on a united front of students representing Boise High, to enforce the community matter of the subject.

“I just think us all coming together and supporting each other is a form of self improvement, and engaging with community and other people at Boise High,” reflected Link, “supporting each other and lifting each other up to make ourselves better people.”

Marking the last issue of the year, Link’s artwork brings to life the self improvement theme with a splash of color. Throughout  the year, Link has applied and improved her skills with every opportunity given, which will nonetheless guide her through any future art ventures to come.