Trends That Should Die


Nicole Kuykendoll, Reporter

Trends come, and just as soon as they arrive, they’re gone. But some trends feel the need to stay for longer than they should. These trends are obnoxious, annoying and downright pointless. I don’t think that trends are necessarily bad or stupid, I just generally think the trends that I dislike are over-done and over-used.

Wanna know what’s just as bad for the environment as plastic? The app TIK TOK, absolutely disgusting. Originally called, it is a social media platform to make lip-sync videos to your favorite songs. TIK TOK has taken over the tween world. I will admit I used to have and I did use it a lot, but this has gotten out of control!

The things kids do on this app are absolutely disgusting and I’m over it. Along with TIK TOK, hitting the woah is just as gross and old. Hitting the woah has become extremely popular in the past few months and it’s all over social media. It’s not that it’s not a fun dance move or not entertaining to watch, it’s simply the amount of times you see it. Scrolling through my timeline I probably get 3 of the same videos everyday.

You know what’s super hot? When a guy spends 200 dollars on a Supreme box logo plain t-shirt thinking people will care, when in actuality no one cares what you’re wearing because no one is paying attention.

I have had enough of scumbags with scumbag attitudes dressing in even more scumbag clothes just to get attention from girls who only care about their looks.

Wanna know what all horrible Youtubers have in common? Even more horrible clickbait with videos that go on forever. It used to be that movie stars and TV stars were famous for their films, but now Youtube has taken over the 21st century filming and is showing different styles of film. What’s gotten so annoying about the Youtube community is all the lying that is involved with it.

Logan Paul, The Ace family and Ricegum have one thing in common- they all are famous, but overdo everything which draws attention to them in negative ways. Another thing Youtubers do that really deserves some attention is how they only make videos to get money out of it.

I think trends have really taken over our whole community, and when a new one starts everyone seems to want to be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, some trends I really like. For example, I will wear mom jeans, and I’m in love with platform shoes but, most other trends, I just can’t stand. In 2019 we should get rid of  trends, and if nothing else, avoid the more disgusting ones.