The Dutch Goose Review

Devon Smith, Reporter

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While driving down State Street, you may have noticed a building that looks more like a cinder block with red and blue stripes and doors that look like they’re from a tavern built in the 1800’s. As you pull into the weathered parking lot, you will see a sign letting you know you have arrived at the Dutch Goose. The sign displays a black and white goose balancing a pitcher of beer on its back as it flies through the air. The name of the restaurant wraps around the top of the goose, creating a simple but intriguing logo for the Dutch Goose.

As you walk into the Dutch Goose, you will be greeted by a spacious interior with a large bar counter featured prominently by the front door. The marble grey bar can comfortably seat 20 people and T.V.s are speckled around the bar, allowing for the effortless viewing of everything from football to various motor sports. As you continue to delve into the Dutch Goose, large circular, wooden tables are placed around a pool table. The pool table will instantly catch your eye due to the spotlight hovering above it, illuminating the mint green table and array of pool balls. This portion of the restaurant is illuminated by neon signs covering the walls displaying beautiful blues, whites, and reds. Boise High School student, Luke Wetzel stated. “I like going to the Dutch Goose with my friends to relax and play a few games of pool.” It’s a great place to unwind and just have a good time.”For those of you who are into pinball and are shooting for your next high score, the Goose always has a pinball table in the corner near the door to the outside patio. The pinball tables are frequently rotated, so dedicated players never get bored.  Finally, the Dutch Goose offers a large outdoor seating area, complete with picnic tables with umbrellas and a small space to play horseshoes.

The Dutch Goose offers everything from various fried food to seafood. Despite this large selection, the Dutch Goose is known for its wings. Their most popular wings are called Goose Wings. Goose Wings are golden, crispy, and come with a variety of sauces. If wings aren’t your thing, then the Goose’s seafood is also a fantastic choice. They offer everything from halibut to calamari. Many people avoid Idaho seafood, but the Dutch Goose’s is worth trying. The calamari always tastes and smells fresh, with rich flavors bursting with every bite. Pricing isn’t too expensive, allowing you to continually order food throughout the time you are there if you are staying for a while. The Dutch Goose has also recently introduced waiters to the pub. This change reduces the previous hassel of guessing the pricing of the food as you walk up to the bar for the first time.

Whether you are going out with friends for a fun night of pool, or going somewhere for dinner with your family, the Dutch Goose is a great option not only for pricing, but for great service and food.