Cool Bug Facts

You Know What to do

Isaac Fishman, Reporter

Cool bug facts. Oh baby, you better be ready. These facts are not about bugs, but are so cool – bug and cool. You’re gonna loves these little, baby goblin’, bug facts. Yeaaah!


1. Manischewitz Grape Juice is the best. If you do not drink Manischewitz, I hate you.

2. I’m such a diva.

3. Tommy John surgery isn’t real.

4. D-D-DDD-D-D-DD-D-Dog in the H-HH-HD-D-H-H-Hot tub.

5. Pool parties are the best parties with all my friends.

6. Excuse me, sir. You don’t have health insurance. You’re under cardiac arrest.

7. Joke: Thing was invented in this yer. *people in that year -1* (Funny text).

8. Don’t look at me in the bathroom, I get nervous and can’t.

9. Buy Poop Shop on Redbubble.

10. Take me home, country home. -Dohn Jenver

11. Pirate Booty is the best kind of booty.

12. Seven men walk into a bar. Seven walk out. Nothing notable happened.

13. Hospital Check.

14. My favorite book is The Legend of Ape Boy by Rudyard Kipling.

15. I could totally beat up the Rock. Like, he isn’t that tough.

16. *Burps*

17. Remember when he cried in that one football movie? Total wimp. Easy pickings.

18. *Flexes Muscles* Gaaaugh! I’m coming for you DWAYNE. GRRRRR!

19. Do you know why the police is called 12? Because 9+1+1=12

20. Hey Casey. ‘S up Casey? Oh hey, Casey. What’s up Casey?

That’s it for this month. I’ll see you next time with Cool Ugg Facts. This is Bomb Bird, signing out.