As Society Shapes Us

Image of self doubt and pressure from society.

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Image of self doubt and pressure from society.

Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

Bad luck when it breaks, is used even when bought brand new, can give you confidence, but insecurity the more you use it. Serves as a comparison now a days. Some may sayit’s just a mirror, but is it, really? 

   People find themselves caught up in a loss of self worth and get tangled into a loop of bettering themselves—not for themselves, but for the acceptance of others. In addition to appearance, people change their personalities for those around them. They want to feel loved, accepted, and special. To feel like they mean something to this world, like they are making an impact. Not to say some people don’t do things out of the will of their hearts spirit and mind, but most people do things not for themselves, they do these things because of the pressure society has on them. 

      Stop and think, the last time you did community service, the last time you stayed up all night finishing that physics project, why? What drove you to do that? Maybe because of your parents pressure, or because you want to get good grades and help the community. But that’s just the surface level reasoning. Probably because you want to impress someone, you want to feel like you are doing something in life, and you aren’t valedictorian so you have to do everything to make yourself seem just as good as everyone else applying to college. Why are you doing what you are with your life? So you can get a college degree and find a good job after. But why? Why are you doing that? What is your inspiration? Do you want to be a doctor, or do you want to because it’s your parents dream. Most can say they have driven or changed themselves due to seeing those around them. Hair, clothes, homework, self drive, are all things I have personally changed after seeing others.

As well as the pressure of society, social media has driven this to an extreme. I can definitely say that I have wanted to better myself seeing what others are doing with their life. New apps to edit photos to make you look “skinnier” or make your face clearer. The likes, comments and texts you get release dopamine in one’s brain, in other words, they make you feel good. It’s nothing new that everyone wants to feel appreciated and unique to the world. Because of this we try so hard to feel appreciated that we change ourselves for others. Competition is a natural way of life, but now seems like people will do anything nowadays to “win”. Have I created the personality I have because of others judgement? 

Next time you look into a mirror think to yourself, am I happy with my life? Do I really want this with my life?am i getting what I deserve? Or am I living a life pressure has set up for me? Because most likely you are making the decisions you are due to the people around you.