Short Stories of Unsuccess


Photo Credit: Luiza Decenzi

Courtesy of Luiza Decenzi

Havana Garrett, Reporter

Here are a number of stories that I have that I thought would be interesting to share, but would not make for good individual articles. So, instead of writing individual stories for all of these things, I decided it would be best to compile them into a list of fun facts. 

I once broke a plate by trying to microwave a Jolly Rancher to see if it would change form. Turns out Jolly Ranchers burn. 

I once recited an entire episode of Riverdale from memory. In my defense, it was the pilot. Someone from my class told me they didn’t believe I could do it, and I wanted to prove them wrong. 

Instead of running a lemonade stand when I was younger, I had a library stand where I would lend out books to people from the neighborhood and keep a record of who had checked out. It was surprisingly successful. 

I used to spill water at restaurants and run into stuff all the time, until I went to the eye doctor. I was told I had double vision and had to attend visual corrective therapy for six months. 

I accidentally spray painted my house. I was attempting to spray paint a piece of cardboard and thought it would be best to do it outside. Instead of pointing the paint away from my house, I ended up spraying the side of it. Luckily, I found paint the same color as the wall and was able to cover it. 

I was in a music video by accident. I saw some musicians from Youtube and decided to ask them for a picture and ended up being in their music video. The music video was a cover of Nico and The Niners by King and Queen of The Losers. You can see me drinking a Monster energy drink at timestamp 0:24 next to a gas station with my friends.