Relatable and Full of Fun: Emma, A Pop Musical


Photo Credit: @boisehightheatre

The official poster for the musical directed by theater teacher Mr. Rowe

McKenna Johnson, Editor in Chief

In the spring of 2018, the Boise High theater department showed off their production of Little Women, the latest musical produced at BHS. As a sophomore sitting in the audience, I was blown away; for sure, I thought, any other musical after Little Women would be hard to beat. But the more I keep hearing about Emma: A Pop Musical in the months leading up to its opening night, the more I become convinced that Emma will be one of- if not most- spectacular productions Boise High has ever attempted.

Lighthearted and upbeat, Emma is considered a ‘pop musical’ sure to give the audience a good time. In a simple synopsis, Keiko Wolfson, BHS junior and stage manager, explains to me that “(Emma is) kinda like more of a high school musical setting, (with) your typical, stereotypical high school students…It’s all about this girl Emma who is a ‘matchmaker’ in her school, and all her adventures that she goes on and the hardships of high school and feelings for people.” This is Wolfson’s first time stage managing, after becoming involved with the theater program about a year and a half ago. To an outsider, it seems like a lofty job, but Wolfson appears to take it in stride. “This is my first time stage managing and it’s quite an honor,” she says. For Wolfson, the BHS theater community isn’t just a class but more of a family. “It’s a lot of fun,” she says, adding, “You get to work with a lot of creative people.”

Senior, Gracie Hall agrees. Having been involved in the theater program at BHS for roughly 2 years, and 2 years on her own before that, she will perform as part of the cast when Emma debuts in March. “The thing I love most is the community that we create,” she says. “We all like each other, we all support each other, it’s really calm and then hectic in a good way.” After speaking with Hall in person, I am quick to realize she truly has a passion for theater. “I feel like theater is such a cool opportunity to really have empathetic connections with people when you perform, because the basis of performing is empathy,” she tells me, continuing saying that “It’s just a magical experience to get to perform with people like that.”

The plays namesake isn’t the only character to look out for. Hall’s character, Harriet, is the love-sick sophomore many will be able to relate too. “I play Harriet and she is like the romantic, just absolutely obsessed with love character, and she’s super quirky and awkward,” Hall explains, smiling. “And basically me,” she quips in. Students have tons to look forward too when they buy their tickets to see Emma next month. “It’s a lot of singing!” says Wolfson. “It’s really peppy and really light-hearted, so be prepared for all the singing and all the fun.” So Boise High, be prepared for the singing, the dancing, and ‘all the fun’; Emma will debut March 11th here at BHS. Directed by theater teacher Mr. Rowe.