The Brick House


Photo Credit: Jessie Taylor

The Brick House, donated by Idaho Federation of Families, will be open after school from 3:15 to 5:30 p.m.

McKenna Johnson, Editor in Chief

There is no doubt Boise High has long been known for its competitive academic culture. Our test scores may be off the charts, but that can take a toll on students’ stress levels. Boise High’s amazing counselors, teachers, supportive clubs, and zen den are just a few of the unique resources available to BHS students when it all gets to be a little too much, from friendship drama and the sleepless nights, to the AP class homework. To add to the list, Boise High has recently unveiled its newest hang out spot, providing a new space for students to unwind: The Brick House.

“My fav[orite] part was meeting new people that I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to,” says Lilian Montagne, a senior who attended the open house on February 10th. “The Brick House is an open after school place to hangout to do homework or projects and there’s a Wii downstairs where you can hangout,” Montagne explains. The senior spent most of her time on the Wii fit, playing Mario Kart with new friends and old. She adds, “There’s also a photo booth.”

The Brick House was donated by Idaho Federation of Families. Jessie Taylor, one of the senior students involved in the project, says “The women from the IFF (Idaho Federation of Families) came into our Community Leadership class and proposed the idea. They donated the house and let us lead the project.”

The Community Leadership class has been working tirelessly since September to make the Brick House a “space for anyone to feel welcomed and accepted,” explains Taylor. One student, Sophia Saucerman, even wrote a grant that won the class $3,000 towards the project, as the class fundraised another $700.

The Brick House has been tailored to fit the needs of BHS students. According to Taylor, “We spent a long time trying to really make the house have certain vibes to make students feel like they can come in any time to do homework, do art projects, have access to mental health resources, etc.”

And it seems to be working. Their successful open house earlier this month was just the beginning. The Brick House will be open everyday after school from 3:15 to 5:30. When asked if she would be going back, Montange exclaims, “Yes, I would!”