A-Gorshaniglobobista Ball

Hello fellow Prompians, and welcome back to the Galactic Championship of A-Gorshaniglobista Ball, I’m Space Joe Buck, and here are your teams!


Wingydibop Stadium in the Eelorp System. (G-Laxay Records)

Isaac Fishman, Reporter

Hello fellow Prompians, and welcome back to the Galactic Championship of A-Gorshaniglobista Ball, I’m Space Joe Buck, and here are your teams!


First we have the Schlindwacker Schbeedlebops from the system of Fandrabandra Two! They’ve been having a great season so far, with amazing plays from their two smicks, the Jaundice twins! Eepnar and Jeepnar Jaundice have both had career years this season, and they hope to continue it in the championship game. But you can’t talk about the Schbeedlebops without mentioning their Quip Protector, Bola-Bola. Bola-Bola has allowed only three dinks this season, which is a league record! 


Opposing the Schbeedlebops is the Underdog Laryngitis 7 ½ ‘s. The ½’s have played subpar the majority of the year, barely sneaking into the Big Tournament at the 6.32 spot. They have been on fire though, and they’ve been racking up dinks left and up thanks mostly to their star smick, George. George has been breaking record after record in the Big Tournament, even achieving seven dinks in a single game! 


Now that we’ve introduced our teams let’s get into the game! Here comes the SpartaFarta and the ½’s have the Peelort! They’re running down the field and Yog has it! Yog passes it over to Blidangis and oh no! Here comes Big Fist! And that’s a foul, you can’t smack the peelort when you are touching the Requiotoe, that’s clearly a violation. The ½’s will get a Grog from the Stank Section and that will definitely give them a chance for a dink.  Here we go, George has it, he fakes left, does a turn in the air, says a prayer to Space God and shoots! It goes in! That’s a dink for the Laryngitis 7 ½’s! Oh boy, George looks injured, and they’re taking a look at him now, we’ll take a quick SonerBeonar break. 


Thanks for hanging on after that quick break folks, let’s get back into the game. George appears to be ok but he’ll be out for the game, and that will leave the ½’s with little to no chance at winning the championship. 


Here we go, and the Schbeedlebops will get the Peelort after the dink by George. Here they come, and oh boy is that big market talent showing up for the Schbeedlebops. Eepnar has the Peelort! And Eepnar passes to Jeepnar, and Jeepnar back to Eepnar and… dink Schbeedlebops!!! What a marvelous shot from Eepnar, the Quip Protector never had a chance! If this is how the scoring is going to go it’s going to be an exciting game! 


Let’s get into the next possession, but oh, wait! A Giant Enemy Spider has appeared from the sky! Here comes the music and oh Space God, he’s eating the players! One by one, there they go! It’s every Prompian for themselves! I declare the Giant Enemy Spider the new A-Gorshaniglobobista Ball champion of the Galaxy. To save my own hide, this is Space Joe Buck, bidding you farewell. May the Elbow-Stank be with you!