The Brave Bike Stand


Photo Credit: Luiza Decenzi

Amelie Bradley, Oliver Anderson, Rylee Taylor and Madeline Carswell posing in front of the Boise High main building

Luiza Decenzi, Managing Editor

If you’re looking to use the Summit as an opportunity for a longer lasting impact in the Boise High community, the Brave Bike Stand workshop will be a perfect fit. Created by a team consisting of Amelie Bradley, Oliver Anderson, Rylee Taylor and Madeline Carswell, the project incorporates bicycle maintenance and the benefits of riding your bike to school with their plan of completing the bike stand.

Together, the team successfully petitioned a grant to pay for the structure and formed a collaboration with the Boise Bicycle Project in hopes of encouraging more students to think and have the means to help the environment while also having fun. Amelie Bradley revealed that they “wanted to help the community… to promote riding your bike [since] we all enjoy riding our bikes.”

In addition to building the bike rack, they will also be teaching students the basics of how to take care of their bike and keep it in good condition. Bradley disclosed that, “Hopefully someone will be there from the [Boise Bicycle Project] to talk about what they do and maybe pass out some free swag.” Altogether, The Brave Bike Stand is a great chance to “leave a legacy of being part of building this bike stand that will continue to benefit the community even after they graduate,” in the words of Amelie.