Summit Feature: How Party Culture Enables Rape Culture


Photo Credit: McKenna Johnson

Zoey Hills and Emily Ream, who will present their topic in the summit. Not pictured, Hannah Olsen

McKenna Johnson, Editor in Chief

When people first think of BHS, they might first think of the advanced academic culture we have, or the culture of school spirit. However, there is another culture that may come to mind, one hidden under the surface of all the academics and school spirit, one that students are desperate to keep hidden. It’s the stereotypical high school party culture. And Zoey Hills, a BHS senior, is here to expose party culture for what it really is. 

When I asked for a brief summary of her summit presentation, Hills tells me her idea is “High school party culture and everything that comes along with that such as rape culture, sexual assault, mental health, coping mechanisms, etc.” Hills isn’t here to blame anyone, she just wants to start a conversation about the subject. “I want to start that conversation at Boise High,” she explains, saying “Specifically because we’re seen as a party school so I feel like it’s a responsibility to bring awareness to the negative side of our schools party culture.” 

Hills’ inspiration comes from her english teacher. What started out as a simple assignment has turned into something much bigger for the senior and her friends. Hills says, “The main thing that inspired me to present in the summit was my english teacher…she explained to me that what I was talking about was so important to the people around me and that it’s not talked about enough so I should start the conversation.”

This is Hills’ first year presenting. The theme, We Are Brave, seemed the perfect opportunity to finally start the conversation she has been waiting to start. If you’re looking to become part of the conversation as well, join Zoey and her friends for their presentation, March 18th.