The Horoscope Hoax?

This begs the question of whether or not  astrology is legitimate.


The 2017 solar eclipse which could be seen in total from Idaho. The solar eclipse has a strong astrological impact in that some signs are believed to have negative changes while other sun signs experience happiness, peace, and major positive development (Bella Rock).

Bella Rock, Social Media Editor

Whether you know every detail of your star chart or occasionally come across an Instagram post describing what flavor muffin you are based on your zodiac sign, it is likely that almost everyone is familiar with astrology. However, this also begs the question of whether or not  astrology is legitimate. While some distrust astrology, others see it as a way to better understand the world, using it to predict future events or as a base point for ideas of one’s personality. 

A General Society Survey found that 34 percent of those Americans questioned found astrology to be “very” or “somewhat” accurate. Astrology is often widely argued about, with some living by the rules of the stars and others seeing it as a complete sham. At the root of this constant debate, many likely wonder if there is any scientific backing to astrology. 

There have been many approaches to dig into the legitimacy of astrology. One difficulty in running tests to investigate the scientific validity of astrology is that astrologers themselves are unsure of the best way to test it and what exactly they are looking for. Thus far in research, there isn’t an indication for why everyone born at the same time of the year would be similar in some way; however, that is not to say it is not real. 

Science and astrology currently seem to be at a standstill. There is no evidence for or against astrology; it simply dangles in the realm of the unknown. Despite this, many astrologers are arguing that the value in astrology has nothing to do with science and legitimacy. We may not know the truth on if astrology is real or not, but what is real is the value of it. 

Astrology can be used to help us understand habits, patterns, and dynamics in our lives. Astrology is a tool that increases our self-empowerment and empathy. We can use astrology to help navigate things in our lives that may previously be unclear and confusing. Astrologer Aliza Kelly wrote on this expressing, “Through astrology, we can explore the multifaceted nature of our existence, our unique personalities, and those around us. It enables us to find forgiveness for our frustrating attributes and difficult circumstances.” In difficult times, those who find comfort in it can look to astrology as a safety net or sense of support.

At the end of the day, we do not know if astrology is or isn’t scientifically real. But, it is real in that it is a way people can gain a deeper meaning to their place in the universe and the world around them. That’s not to say one should use astrology to justify their poor actions, but it may be a way for them to better comprehend why they feel and behave the way they do. Scientific or not, astrology is infinitely valuable.