The Return of a Beloved Franchise


Photo Credit: Orion Pictures. Bill & Ted Face the Music has finally completed its trilogy of films.

Brian Dyer

Bill & Ted Face the Music just came out, and you might have a few questions regarding what the Bill & Ted series is about. The Bill & Ted series are science fiction comedy movies starring Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves as Bill Preston & Ted Logan respectively. 

The duo want their band “Wyld Stallyns” to be successful, but their lazy attitudes leave them close to flunking high school. Unbeknownst to them, their music as Wyld Stallyns will shape society into a flourishing utopia. They are then presented with a time machine that looks like a phone booth by someone from the future to make sure they pass high school.

The Bill & Ted series has had a generally positive reception from those who’ve seen it. Why is this? It could be due to the skillful encapsulation the feel of the 80s, the presence of popular actor Keanu Reeves, teenage relatability with Bill & Ted, or its humor similar to films such as Wayne’s World, Dumb and Dumber, and Austin Powers. However, critics seem to criticize this type of comedy for being lowbrow, as all of the films mentioned have gotten plenty of “50” scores on Metacritic on this account.

Now, Bill & Ted Face the Music has come out 29 years after the second movie to positive reception from fans. Critics of the Bill & Ted movies have seemed to rate them a 50, yet again. However, as of September 10th, Face the Music has an average score of 66 on Metacritic, the first positive score in the series. 

Brian Lowry of CNN states that the film “manages to be good-hearted and reasonably fun.” The main criticism of Face the Music is that the chemistry of Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter isn’t the same as it was 29 years ago and that the enthusiasm of the previous films is not as present in this movie. 

As a sequel to a film franchise that appeals to the nostalgia of adults and the interest of a younger audience alike, a wide audience will definitely help in the film’s success while social distancing ordinances last. The film has been on top of the charts for digital purchases and rentals on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango, among others. According to, it has grossed $2.5 million as of September 10th. 

Because of the pandemic, the quick release to digital, and the film already being featured in collections (meaning that not all payments are going towards Face the Music), the numbers will be skewed for a while. Regardless, Bill & Ted Face the Music has finally completed its trilogy of films.