Misconception of the Mind

A drawing depicting the mind of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder( an overlooked issue.)

Photo Credit: Anonymous sketch artist on Facebook named Malaysia

A drawing depicting the mind of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder( an overlooked issue.)

Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

The mind is one of the most powerful and important organs in the body. The connector of everything, controller of everything. The creator and stimulator of thoughts, hopes, dreams, and ideals. A simple chemical imbalance in a person’s brain can change everything, which could lead to a mental health crisis. Irrational thoughts, a sadness so heavy for a person to carry, losing so many important things a person without a chemical imbalance possesses. Gaining so many hardships and making simple tasks and daily life so difficult. 

Having a mental disorder has become romanticized, as well as overlooked. As our world has advanced and become so heavily dependent and centered around social media, the spread of mental disorders has increased, and the understanding has decreased. September 2020 more people passed from suicide than COVID-19. Idaho being the third highest suicide rated state in the country, we must understand what is happening, and the level of importance that our generation oversees.  Over 950,000 years of potential life were lost to suicide before the age of 65 in the United States in 2019. This is something we as a community need awareness for. 

A common mental disorder that is so widely misunderstood is ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). A common misconception is ADHD causes individuals to lack the ability to focus, and these people are always fidgeting and moving around. While these can be symptoms of this disorder it is so much more. Having these symptoms causes self doubt, and it is very common that people with ADHD acquire depression. Things like daydreaming, impulsive actions, being very forgetful, and trouble following directions. This is just one of the many examples in which mental disorders are a misconception. Another way mental disorders are understood  would be the lack of knowledge in Depression. The idea that someone is just sad all the time. When in reality this is so much more.   Depression can lead to questioning your worth, questioning your life, being tired all the time but never doing anything, or never sleeping at all, the inability to eat, and being disconnected to reality. 

As well as the misunderstanding of mental disorders there is also a lack of knowledge about many disorders. Most personality disorders are never discussed, or even thought about. A few personality disorders are Narcissistic disorder, Borderline, Avoidant, Obsessive Compulsive( there are two different types of obsessive compulsive mental disorders, an anxiety disorder and a personality disorder.) and so many more. I have heard so many times the phrase “That person is such a narcissist”. These people are so quick to assume someone possesses this because they are arrogant or selfish. But the truth behind Narcissism is so much more. These people do not choose to have this disorder, it’s a chemical imbalance in their brain. Although they may seem selfish, and arrogant, the struggles these people face are so much more. Their lack of empathy and care for others diminishes their ability to maintain relationships, jobs, and financial affairs. The people who have this disorder have little to no intimacy in their lives. Next time you think that someone is a narcissistic, don’t be so quick to judge. Empathize for them, learn their struggles and hardships and be kind because no one chooses to live with something so difficult like this. 

On various social media platforms I have seen videos with titles of :”depression check” “anxiety check”, “mental break down check”. There is nothing cute or funny about containing a mental disorder. The lack of sympathy and the overarching ignorance some individuals have for a simple chemical disorder in someone’s brain is disheartening. Each of us have the responsibility to be kind to one another, take the time to learn what someone is going through and be sympathetic to everyone around us.