Its a Great Season to be Brave

Boise Brave running onto field, setting themselves up for an outstanding season.

Photo Credit: Travis Dryden

Boise Brave running onto field, setting themselves up for an outstanding season.

Zoe Barkhurst, reporter

The Boise Brave Football Team has had an overall exceptional season. In past years, despite the effort, grit, and hard work the Brave Football team did not acquire many wins, however, this season was a total comeback and turn around despite all the challenges faced. Due to the Coronavirus, the team was limited to six games (many having to be cut, cancelled, and rescheduled) winning three of those. Despite the recent success, fans are not allowed to attend most games due to Covid-19. 

  When discussing the season with Senior Finan Langston, he shared that the two players contributing to the outstanding season were Junior Jack Payne and Senior Henry Dryden. “Payne was able to run away from pressure and throw the ball in the most perfect way so that it was right in the receivers hands. He knew all the plays in the back of his head, and is extremely talented,” said Langston. When asked why Dryden was such an important attribute to the team Langston explained, ”He knew every position on the field, if you didn’t know what to do or the play being used Dryden was the man to go to. He also had many critical plays that secured some of our wins.” 

 Head coach Mike Altieri alongside Matt Cambell, Joel Clark, Jeff Gunn, Aaron Asaro, Ernesto Garza, Peter Horan, Paul Perotto, Mike Boyd, Seth Chism, Rob Castleman, and Travis Dryden guided this team to many victories this season, even if the scoreboard didn’t say so, and were thrilled with the outcome of the season. A wonderful win for the Brave football team was their Senior Night facing Borah. The Brave won the game which was a huge excitement thanks to the fact that it was their senior night. The Seniors on the brave team were Henry Dryden, Hudson Fortier, Ben Zuckerman, Kurt Bowen, Finan Langston, Henry Miller, and Stan-.

Despite this being such a strange year with Covid affecting everything in school, sports, and life, the Brave Football Team overcame that and had an exciting, outstanding season. The team coaches and fans were thrilled by the outcome of the 2020 Football season and very proud to be a Boise High Brave.