The Impacts Of The Sanctions On Iran


Photo Credit: Illustrated | John Moore/Getty Images, Tatomm/iStock, javarman3/iStock

The sanctions on Iran are having a sevear effect on the citizens of Iran

Ayla DeBord, Reporter

In 2018, under the Trump Administration, the sanctions on Iran were reinstated. Today, these sanctions have had a devastating impact on the people of Iran. Millions have suffered and many are struggling to get by. The U.S. has also threatened cutting off trade with other countries and companies if they keep trading with Iran. It is important that we understand this issue and speak out about it because staying silent during times of injustice should never be tolerated.

The sanctions in question are on oil and petroleum, various economic trade, and science and military trade as well. According to BBC News, “President Rouhani kept the Iranian currency stable for almost four years. But it has lost 50% of its value against the US dollar on the unofficial market since the US abandoned the nuclear deal.” This has caused inflation in Iran making it difficult to pay for food and everyday supplies. According to the New York Times, “The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 18 Iranian banks, effectively locking Iran out of the global financial system and further damaging its collapsing economy.”

Not only are these sanctions completely unethical, but they are also worsening the COVID-19 Virus. According to Aljazeera, a Middle Eastern investigative news organization, stated that “The United States is actively trying to prevent Iran’s efforts to buy a COVID-19 vaccine through COVAX, a global initiative undertaken by the World Health Organization, according to the chief of Iran’s central bank.” This is a very big issue because this is making it so Iran cannot get the COVID-19 Vaccine. On December fifth it was reported that Iran’s death toll of COVID was 50,000 with over a million reported cases. Their numbers are only increasing. Because many international banks and firms have been banned from making commercial or financial transactions with Iran, “Iranians’ access to essential medicine and their right to health is being negatively impacted, and may well worsen if the situation remains unchanged, thereby threatening the health of millions of Iranians,” so stated by Not only is this extremely inhumane, but the deaths of these people are all because of the US. 

How is this fair? How is any of this okay? There is a difference between fighting with another government and fighting with the people. These sanctions are hurting innocent civilians. The people of Iran are not the same as the dictatorship they are under. The people in power are largely untouched by these sanctions making it easy for the Iranian Government to push back and hold their ground. These sanctions aren’t getting the US anywhere in forming better relations with Iran. All they are doing is killing innocent people just to prove a point. The US has done just as many evil and vile things and the Iranian government. The US is no better than Iran when it comes to having a moral code. 

I understand that from a misinformed American’s point of view that it seems natural to apply sanctions to a dictator ruled country. I understand that some may feel that this is the best option. But we have to focus on the impacts these sanctions are having on other human beings. We must do better. We must hold our leaders accountable. And we must never stay silent when there are people out there who need our voice.