Foothills School of Arts and Sciences Presents Great Examples of Alternative Learning


Photo Credit: Kaiya

A kindergarten student playing outside with his friends. Face coverings and social distancing is required.

Kaiya Kearns, Reporter

Foothills School of Arts and Sciences has a new alternative way of learning. Since the start of the school year, all of their classes have been outside. From preschool to ninth grade, this community is stronger than ever, trying to get through this year just like everyone else.

A student from the kindergarten class plays hide and seek at recess.

This is how the younger grades are being socially distant. They have their own mats, where they learn, eat lunch, and talk with their friends.

The early-learner (preschool) class that gets to be inside part of the day, must be socially distanced and wear masks. The windows and doors are always open to keep good ventilation in the classroom.

The ninth grade, doing their Spanish class inside. They have big tables to keep them apart and thankfully it is a small class. This is a small independent school, so it does make sense that this is possible. I think we should take ideas from this experience, and apply them to schools in the district.