The Positives of 2020


Photo Credit: Brooke

Sidewalk chalk with positive messages cover sidewalks of Somerset streets in Boise, amid quarentine

Brooke Dudley

As 2020 comes to an end, it is easy to remember all of the challenges, hardships, and struggles faced. But with this shift, many positive elements came to life as well. 

I took to Instagram to ask my followers about some pleasant experiences that they had participated in 2020. By far, the most common answer was spending quality time with family. 

For the months while everyone was in lockdown, many families got to spend time together in the same house. Kids came home from college, parents stayed home from work, and everyone got to be together all day. Many used this time to play family games, watch movies together, go on walks, etc. Emily Cadwell, a senior at Boise High, said her favorite thing to do was to cook with her family and try new things.

With all the extra time everyone had, many people used this as an opportunity to learn something new. Baking, cooking, working out, crafting, and decorating were among the most popular skills. described how the virtual personal training/ workout industries thrived this year. This year was a time when many were able to focus on bettering themselves, whether that be physically or mentally. Forbes also mentioned that virtual therapy sites blew up this year, getting people the help they needed even while at home. 

Because people were unable to leave their houses, technology and media services took major steps forward this year. reports Zoom’s growth tripling within the first quarter of 2020. This platform gave people the opportunity to chat with daily members and friends all over the world. My eldery neighbor told me that the best part of her 2020 so far has been the weekly Zooms with her children and grandchildren. She recounted that before Covid, she hardly managed to talk with her grandchildren. with all the extra time they had, however, they got to chat more. Just like my neighbor, Zoom and other communication platforms offered individuals the chance to talk to those who they don’t get to talk to very often.

Other positive things for people this year mentioned on the Instagram poll were the TV shows, apps, and music that released this year. Many mentioned Tiger King, All American, Tik Tok, Too Hot To Handle, and Outer Banks. These gave people something to talk about, bond over, and enjoy while being in quarantine.

As we all know the BLM movement was a major part of 2020. Although nothing is perfect yet, the death of George Floyd brought awareness to the issues of racism in America. This caused millions of Americans to come together and fight for change. People bonded by protesting, marching, petitioning, posting on socials, and discussing the issues. Despite the violence that came along with it, there were huge advancements in the BLM movement. 

Despite the negatives of 2020, so much good came out of it. Our country grew as a whole and will continue to do so. All the change and adjustments we have faced were also followed by good aspects to them. I hope we are able to stay positive and hopeful going forward into the new year.