Photo Credit: Boise School District(Nick Smith)

Chart showing the cases reported in the Boise School District

Zoe Barkhurst, Reporter

As the world gets more bizarre everyday, and the Coronavirus is getting worse, Boise High School has returned to virtual learning. Some are asking why is Boise High going virtual, all of West Ada still gets to attend school in person? As of November 30th Boise High School had 24 positive cases, in comparison to other schools having significantly lower numbers of cases. Keep in mind that, this is twenty four reported cases, there are so many unknowns about the Coronavirus, some are asymptomatic(not showing any symptoms). Meaning that there could have been plenty more students or staff who had this virus, without it being directly reported. Since November 30th Idaho has reported 5,863 new cases. The United States as a whole has reported over a million new cases reported since November 30th. As no one wishes to complete their learning through a screen it is mandatory to the public safety of our community. 

Students have expressed great concern of their disability to learn virtually, As well as the  way that this is affecting their mental health. Senior Austin Eike believes “My mental health has hindered to an extent especially during the hybrid process. Assignments are being assigned from many resources rather than directly from a teacher, and I find it really hard to keep track of it all. It definitely adds stress to my life, but its school, there are resources for help. As well as an understanding from a lot of people that are struggling with figuring everything out.” Many sophomores also believe that this year is ruining their first year of high school, and they are robbed of the highschool experience. As well as seniors devastated that their last days of highschool are spent this way. 

Something to keep in mind is the fact that the admin, teachers and boise school district does not favor this style of learning either. Teachers wish they had the ability to teach all of their students in person, and make a connection with their students in person. As all sports are cancelled, Coaches are devastated, but there is nothing we can do currently. What we can do is social distance, wear a mask when in public, and check up on one another, because this is hard on everyone experiencing it. With all the negativity happening currently, trying to keep an open mindset, and making the most out of our current situation is crucial.