Bogus Basin: The Getaway We All Need


Photo Credit: Kaiya Kearns

Bogus is a fun way to get out and enjoy nature. The trails and paths all over the mountain create a great adventure.

Kaiya Kearns, Reporter

Bogus is a fun escape from what’s going on in the world right now. Skiing and snowboarding get you outside and in a better mood. Things do look a little different up there, but it still is fun to play in the sun and spend time with family and friends(safely). 

Going skiing and snowboarding is always an exhilarating weekend getaway. You get to ride through trees, go off of jumps, and try new trails. There is something for everyone.
The views when you get to the top of the hill are gorgeous. No matter if the sun is shining or the snow is blizzarding, you will always have a fantastic time.
The employees, skiers, and snowboarders at Bogus are always bringing positive attitudes and great vibes to the slopes.
It’s also super fun to watch people ski and snowboard down the mountain while you’re on the lift.
People of all ages come together to have a great time. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Just getting outside and enjoying nature is the most important thing you can do, especially in these long days of winter.