Top 10 American 2020 Sports Moments


Kobe Bryant was one of the most beloved and hard working basketball players, nigh, athletes ever passed away leaving a gaping hole not only in the sports community but in all our hearts. (Discover Los Angeles)

Isaac Fishman, Reporter

2020 has been the most turbulent year in sports since the 1940’s when young men from sports teams were drafted by the military and teams were forced to scramble and make zombie hybrid teams, like the Eagles and the Steelers combining in 1943 to make the Steagles. But that can’t even compare to sports seasons being cancelled halfway through because we couldn’t even see each other. While it has produced some unique on the field moments the value of this sports season has certainly been felt off the field more, and that is where I will be focusing today. 


  1. Chiefs win Super Bowl over 49ers

The Chiefs winning the super bowl over the 49ers not only ended a fifty year super bowl drought but also cemented Patrick Mahomes status as one of the best quarterbacks in football for the next 15 years. This marked the beginning of the Mahomes era in the NFL. 


  1. Tom Brady Leaving the Patriots

One of the most favorite and beloved players in the history of the game, the GOAT switched teams to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in order to get away from New England. He could play until he’s 45, who knows?


  1. MLB lockout

Amidst the searching to get the MLB season back on track, the MLB players were offered a 50% salary reduction to play half the games, which they promptly rejected. I know they sound greedy but imagine your Mcdonalds employer wants you to work half the hours for $4.00 an hour, it’s not pleasant. 


  1. Alex Smith returns to the football field.

In one of if not the most remarkable recoveries in sports history, Alex Smith returned to the field after 738 days of recovery, two weeks of which he spent with six inches of bone exposed and on death’s doorstep. His road back has been long and hard and has brought hope to people everywhere. 


  1. Rudy Gobert tests positive for Coronavirus

In the following moments after this the NBA shut down their season and began the long process of finishing it and getting back to playing. This marked the end of sports during the year because of the Coronavirus. 


  1. The Bubble 

The NBA’s model for a successful Coronavirus quarantine zone proved extremely successful as they were able to finish their season with no positive Coronavirus tests. Not only was it a testament to the strength of the players in the league but also to the staff and coordinating officers of the NBA


  1. BLM in sports

Allowing players to put political messages on their jerseys, the NBA made a statement that was followed by all the other major sports. Players aren’t just players anymore. They can and should use their voices for change. 


  1. The Meeting

Halfway through the NBA playoffs, All the players inside the bubble met to discuss whether or not to continue the playoffs amid the growing protests for BLM and criminal and racial justice in America. They almost called the whole season off in light of Jacob Blake’s death, but ultimately decided to play on. It told us this; the players have more power in the NBA than in any other sport, and the respect between the power of the commissioner and the power of the players is a respected and cherished one and the strongest in sports. 


  1. Kobe Bryant’s death

In shocking news over a year ago, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed and killed him and his daughter, Gianna, as well as two other families. Not only was it tragic but it came so soon as one of the most beloved and hard working basketball players, nigh, athletes ever passed away leaving a gaping hole not only in the sports community but in all our hearts. 


  1. Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

In the most outrageous cheating scandal baseball has seen in a century, The Houston Astros were caught stealing the signs of pitchers and communicating them to players on their team through trash cans, buzzers, and signals in the crowd. This led to an unbelievable backlash from sports fans but surprisingly did not result in the annulment of their 2017 world series.