Idaho’s Spring Activities: Recreation At It’s Finest


Photo Credit: Kaiya Kearns

The mountains are the best place to get away and have fun!

Kaiya Kearns, Reporter

Spring has hit, so that means the weather is weird. This makes it difficult to plan something to do. Here are a few ideas that get you outside and excited for summer, which is right around the corner. Idaho has many activities and places to go that offer a nice breather for everyone. This is essential since we have come back full time and exams are coming up very soon. Everyone needs to remember that we are human and it’s okay to have a break.

A lot goes into fishing and it is a very difficult activity, contrary to many beliefs. It is not just about throwing a line in and waiting for a bite. You have to know the water and how to tie back up if you get snagged. You also have to know how to net the fish and clean it after all of the excitement.
Steelhead fishing is a popular sport amongst Idahoans. It gets you outside and provides an adrenaline rush for many. Plus the scenery is always gorgeous anytime of year. The trees surround you and the river is very calming. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see the fish jump out of the falls.
The trip itself is an adventure. Whether you are just along for the ride or you go for a hike, you can always find something interesting to do. You experience natural beauty at your fingertips and Idaho has a lot to offer. The amount of adventures is endless!