Zoo Boise, Animals New And Old


Photo Credit: Ayla DeBord

This is one of the two female lions. She is basking in the warm sun. She has been with the zoo for a long time. She is one of the three lions at the Boise Zoo.

Ayla DeBord, Reporter

One of the coolest attractions in Boise is the Boise Zoo. The Zoo has recently added a new section dedicated to the Gorongosa National Park. Because of COVID, many have not taken the trip to go see the new animals along with the animals we all know and love who have been with the Boise Zoo for years.

This is one of the Zoo’s two Giraffes. On the IUCN red list, giraffes are listed as vulnerable. You can see them in the Africa section of the Zoo across from the Lions. (Photo Credit: Ayla DeBord)


This is one of the Steller’s Sea Eagles. These Eagles are new to the Zoo. Steller’s Sea Eagles are the rarest bird of prey. They are striking birds and definitely not a bird you want to mess with. You can find them close by the education center in the Zoo. (Photo Credit: Ayla DeBord)


One of the Vervet Monkeys perched on a branch. These monkeys are highly social. Luckily on the extinction scale they are under least concern. This exhibit can be found in the new Gorongosa exhibit. (Photo Credit: Ayla DeBord)