Celebrity or Human?


Photo Credit: (Idaho Statesman)

Jimmy Fallon’s Corn-Mazed face at Farmstead in 2016.

Moesha Aplicano-Burnham, Editor-In-Chief

In our society today, the media is almost impossible to avoid. Influencers are everywhere you look, on magazines, in the news, TV, and most importantly on social media. Its easy to fall into loving them the way most people do, following them on social media and participating in the rumors and drama. Recently, something changed for me. 

What triggered this change of heart was, in fact, Jimmy Fallon. In 2016, Farmstead, a famous fall attraction in Idaho designed a maze in the shape of Jimmy Fallon’s face, which is a bit amusing in itself, however, what started the descent was the reaction Mr. Fallon had. He was delighted and amused as his weird little panda friend fell from the sky into Jimmy’s face-shaped corn maze. 

This event triggered something within, a realization. Why would those in charge of the corn maze, try so desperately to gain the attention from the Tonight Show? Money, fame, and notoriety. This raised the question: what makes Fallon so deserving of the power and popularity he has? It’s frustrating to see these celebrities feel they are deserving and worthy of fans who idolize them and treat them as if they are above the average person.

There’s a difference in celebrities, those who have some sort of extraordinary talents, and those who were lucky enough to know someone. An obvious example of this is the Kardashians.

Their fame originated from O.J. Simpson’s case. Rob Kardashian was a very close friend of Simpson, and was involved in the infamous court case. Kardashian eventually came to the conclusion that Simpson was guilty, and they were no longer friends, but the effect that the court case had on Kardashian’s life was irreversible. Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian’s daughter, eventually became Paris Hilton’s stylist which threw the family into the spotlight once again. This, among a few more well known events, is what led the Kardashian family into what it is today. The fact that most people don’t even know the source of the Kardashian’s fame goes to show how undeserving they are of their fans who deify them. 

Celebrities are entertaining for the most part, and there’s no shame in enjoying their art or content. Regardless of their fame, celebrities are just people, and should be treated as the humans they are.