Old to New


Photo Credit: Boise High Yearbook

Mr. Clark (1996)

Zelda Fishman, Reporter

 A newcomer to Boise High School may wonder: “If I’m the newest at this school, who has been here the longest?” Here’s the answer:

Mr. Clark has been teaching for a total of 29 years including 5 at Timberline and 24 at Boise. He has taught both History and Physical Education in his career. He attended Boise High as a student, then a student teacher,and eventually secured his position as a teacher. Mr. Clark had parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles attend Boise High and now has a daughter attending as well.

 Similarly, Mr. Arnold has been teaching  for 28 years and at the moment is teaching APUSH, AP Euro, and Western Civilization. He grew up in Boise but did not attend Boise High. Mr. Arnold also had relatives attend Boise High and now his son is attending. 

As you can imagine, they have witnessed the changes in the community and the development of our school’s culture first hand. One of the major changes they stated was the addition of the new building. The old facility was “vintage and worn” says Mr. Clark, who teaches in the new gym. 

Both teachers stated that the staff at Boise High was specifically unique because of the support all the teachers receive from one another. Both Mr. Clark and Mr. Arnold said that teachers always encourage other students to take classes not only for the subject, but for the teacher. They say that the class is only as good as the teacher wants it to be and in this school, all the teachers truly want to educate their students and grow their perspectives not only in the classroom but in the outside world too.

When asked if they have tolls on their mental health taken from their jobs, both Mr. Arnold and Mr. Clark responded that when you’re around an abundance of teenagers in particular that no day is the same so in their eyes there is no toll. Mr. Arnold ventured further to state that he changes his lessons & methods in teaching every year to not become “stale” with his teachings. 

Both teachers throughout their careers have contributed greatly to Boise High. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we thank them for all they’ve done to help this school evolve and grow. 

Mr. Clark and Mr. Arnold are both outstanding teachers who have a real passion for what they do. I think it’s safe to say that they both embody what Boise High is all about.