Boise High: Fall Sports


Photo Credit: Kaiya Kearns

2021-2022 Boise High fall athletes representing the school.

Kaiya Kearns, Social Media Editor

School has started and that means so have sports. Soccer, football, swimming, volleyball, cross country, dance and cheer have their seasons underway. So Boise’s athletes by night, students by day, are busy doing what they do best – studying and competing. Whether it is the cross country team consistently fighting for a winning season, or the football team battling it out on the 50 yard line, the pressures of both school and athletic performance, starts to set in and causes stress for many. Practices and games are a daily ritual, so where is the time to do homework or to study? How do students balance everything with work thrown into the mix? Boise High athlete Riley Gibson shares her thoughts on the season, how to balance school and extracurriculars, and what is different from this year versus the last.

Gibson, a senior on Boise High’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer team explains her feelings coming back into sports after the summer. “I am super excited about this soccer season and the opportunity to play, especially after our short covid season last year. We’ve been training this summer to be ready for the season and I feel ready.” Most athletes train over the summer to be prepared to face tough competitors in the season, but Covid interfered with that last year, so many students are grateful for the opportunity to train. 

Student athletes have a lot going on, so how do they manage both school, sports, and taking time for themselves? “Sometimes it’s challenging but I have learned how to manage my time, and truthfully being an athlete improves parts of the academic experience.” Gibson states. “On the weekends, I decompress and take some time for myself. I am super careful never to over schedule my free time,” she also shares. It is so important to understand the effort many athletes put into what they love, but we also need to understand the stress and pressure athletes feel supporting their school. 

Riley shares her thoughts and outlooks for the season, “I think the season is going to be amazing! We’ve definitely been on the front foot so far and are hoping for the best outcome possible.” Boise High is strong in sports and academics, so we should support and acknowledge them by showing up to their games. Sports are a great part of high school and it’s a chance to get to meet new people and support your school. Get out and show the Brave athletes some love and support!